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Creating an effective media plan requires much more than pulling rankers or looking at cost per points. It takes research, specialized consultants, strategic thinking, a creative approach, and strong relationships.

As an integral part of your marketing team, we hold ourselves accountable for providing the media strategies and aggressive negotiation skills required to meet your marketing/media goals and objectives. We are committed to building long-term relationships with clients, many of which have been with us since our inception. Top to bottom, we are dedicated to providing clients with the media expertise they need.

Wenstrom Communications approaches media planning and purchasing in an organized, systematic manner, fully incorporating our unique combination of media expertise with the latest technological software available.

We’re a “Full Disclosure” agency. Is yours?
One quality that differentiates us from others is the attention to detail and the follow up our staff provides before, during, and after your media schedule is placed. Literally every schedule that we place with a station is carefully documented for our clients with notarized backup that denotes the exact spot time, dates, and negotiated rates.

Secondly, we review reports that ensure that your program or spots ran as ordered based on the original schedule. If you spots or programs are pre-empted or moved, we make sure that you receive makegoods that are equal to or better than the original order.

Finally, we review with your staff the kind of results you are getting in a given market in order to determine if your objectives are being achieved. If adjustments in schedules, content, or promotions are needed, we can make them quickly so that you receive the maximum return on your investment.

We hold ourselves and the media outlets accountable in order to meet the client's expectations.


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